Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Welcome to my on line journal. This journal is an offshoot of my blog, Knits-N-Purrs. This is where I will chronicle my finshed objects that I have handcrafted. The majority of my items are knit related, but there are other crafts featured here as well. I want to have a place where I can "showcase" my completed projects, as well as to keep a running diary of all the specifics relating to each project.

Oh - and this cute little guy below is my 4 year-old Devon Rex. (Well, actually, he'll be 4 on March 30, 2006). He is an absolutely wonderful breed - very energetic, wild, devilish - and the sweetest thing ever. He has curly fur which is as soft as a cotton ball. He's a tiny little guy, just under 8 pounds. CUTE & CUDDLY!!!!! He's my alien pixie. Note the huge ears & eyes...

And here's Scooter. She's the lady of the house - very well mannered, never getting into any trouble. She'll be 9 in April 2006.

Finally the cat with "tortie-tude" ==> Cleo. She will also be 9 in April. We got her and Scooter from the Humane Society at the same time, although they were not litter mates. Cleo & Jazz-Purr play & fight together, ALL THE TIME. Jazzy knows just what buttons to push to make Cleo whine, and boy does she whine...

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